The BF-109 E is a fighter aircraft appearing in Second War.

Overview Edit

The Messerschmidt BF-109 and its variants were used as the main fighter of the German Luftwaffe from 1937 to the end of world war II. In real life, it was armed with many weapons, and was regarded as a feared plane.

Armament Edit

The BF-109E is a rare type of plane, it is equipped with rapid-firing guided missiles, unguided missiles and a Mark 82 unguided bomb. It's default gun is a 20 mm cannon that fires default 20mm rounds, high explosive rounds, and armor piercing rounds. It is has some of the best performing weapons in Second War, but the weapons are highly expensive to upgrade.

Equipment Edit

Second War Edit

The BF-109E has an upgradeable radar, booster, and weapons reload timing decrease. The equipment gets more and more expensive as the levels progress.

Performance Edit

Second War Edit

The BF-109 E is one of the best planes available in Second War, with its good range of weapons, a high top speed, and a phenomenal turn rate, it is a good alternative to any of the other tier 4 planes.