The Dornier Do-17 is a bomber appearing in Gunship Battle: Second War.

Overview Edit

The Dornier Do-17 is a high speed light bomber that was used by the German Airforce in World War II. it had phenomenal maneuverability for a bomber at its time, it could attack its targets at a low altitude, and then escape interception with its rapid climb rate and escape enemy fighters, but if the time came where it was intercepted by allied fighters, it would be able to defend itself with its turrets. It also had a nickname called "The flying pencil."

Weapons Edit

The primary weapon of the plane is a default 15mm anti-aircraft gun that is mounted in the cockpit. The gun fires normal 15mm rounds, explosive rounds, and armor penetrating uranium rounds, it also has a fuselage mounted turret, and three guns in one turret behind the cockpit. It has bombs, guided missiles, and a torpedo. The torpedo is best used on boats, while the guided missiles can be used on any type of target, but they are best used on ground targets. The cost of upgrading the weapons varies per level.

Equipment Edit

The Do-17 can be equipped with boosters, radars, and weapons reload system timing decreases. The costs of the equipment vary per level.

Performance Edit

The Do-17 is a solid bomber. It has the most maneuverability out of any of the other bombers in the game, it also has some of the most destructive weapons in its tier, outmatching the two fighters and the two dive bombers in its tier. It has a better turn rate and top speed than the other bombers in the game.