The Gazelle is a tier 1 helicopter in Gunship Battle.

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Gazelle is armed with twin 12.7mm machine guns, Anti-Tank missiles and Hydra 70 rockets. The gun cannot be changed, and neither can the anti-tank missiles. The Hydra 70s can be exchanged for a high explosive version of the Hydra 70 rockets however. The weapons are above average performing for a tier 1 helicopter, despite the weapons being limited.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Gazelle can be equipped with only a basic radar, and a basic booster, and a basic reload system timing increase. It is what is expected of a Tier 1 helicopter in the original gunship battle.

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Gazelle has a quick turning rate, despite being rated as an average turning rate. It has quick acceleration, but is coupled to a low top speed. It has a much better dodging ability any any other Tier 1 helicopter. However, due to it's extremely low health; the player might find themselves constantly swiping left and right with the screen in later levels. because of the low amount of health, but superb agility, it is advised that the player take caution if using this helicopter past episode 1.