The world's most powerful combat helicopters are here, waiting for you to take control of them and rain destruction on your enemies!

Gunship Battle (2011) is an app created by Joycity Corp, from South Korea.

The game is available for download at the Apple app store, and Android Google Play.


The game is focused on combat aircraft, ranging from basic attack helicopters such as the American AH-6 "Little Bird" to the Russian Sukhoi SU-57 (Сухой Су-57) by PAK FA.

The game offers a variety of aircraft,105 playable gunships split in 9 Tiers, which are not limited to real-world depictions, like the Behemoth and Blackmoth, unrealistic, gigantic, but cool models defying aerodynamics that would be incapable of flight, or ridiculous airships of the like of flying rubber ducks. Also featured are two aircraft from James Cameron's Avatar: The Scorpion, and the Dragonship.

Videogame genre: action/shooter

publisher: Joycity Corp

Gameplay Edit

Gunship Battle includes a 3D gameplay element like no other aircraft simulator.

Controls range from the joystick to the tilt function.


shooter centered mechanics.

gameplay rewards movement in dodging enemy fire and good positioning.

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