Gunship Battle: Second War is the sequel of Gunship Battle produced by JoyCity Corp of South Korea. The game is claimed to have been downloaded seventy million times around the world.

Game Overview Edit

The game takes place in 1954, nine years after World War II. The player takes control of an unknown mercenary working for a private militia known as the Jade Mercenaries. The player may take control of fighter planes, helicopters, dive bombers, and regular bombers, ranging from the Hawker Hurricane to the Bell CH-47 "Chinook" the the Heinkel He-111.

Gameplay Edit

The game can now be played in the interior of the aircraft, and it still has the option of tilting or using an onscreen joystick.

List of Gunships Edit

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There are officially twenty five gunships in Second War. There are four helicopters, five bombers, five dive bombers, and fifteen fighters, There are also a few non-playable aircraft that appear making a cameo in the game´s trailer, may have been scrapped in the beta, or may appear in a later update, these aircraft are the B-17 "Flying Fortress" and the P-38 "Lightning"

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