The Huey is a Helicopter appearing in Gunship Battle, and Gunship Battle: Second War. It is the second helicopter the player will unlock in the original gunship battle, but it is the first aircraft the player will fly in Second War.

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

It has little to no armament. It's primary weapon is simply dual 12.7mm machine guns, while it's secondary armament is a choice between the Hydra 70 rocket pod, or either the Mark 82 unguided bomb or Napalm bombs.

Second War Edit

It's armament has dramatically been changed, ranging from a basic 7.62mm machine gun, to the Hydra 70 rockets, and AGM-X11 guided missiles.

The weapons can also be upgraded, to do more damage, have more rounds, deeper penetration, and larger damage radii. The weapons can also be upgraded to a maximum level of 20, with increasing prices.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The radar cannot be equipped, due to the helicopter not being armed with any sort of guided munitions, but it can be equipped with weapon reload system increases and boosters, but due to this helicopter being a beginner's helicopter; the booster gives only an adequate boost in speed, and the reload system is slower than any other reload system.

Second War Edit

The equipment that the Huey utilizes are the same as the original gunship battle. A radar has finally been installed, boosters are much more powerful, and the reload system is quicker to reload. It is safe to say that the Huey is much more useful than it was in the original Gunship Battle.

Second War Huey

The Huey in Second War

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Huey has low acceleration, an average turn rate, and a low top speed. It also cannot have a radar installed, due to the fact that the Huey is not armed with any guided munitions. It has a low top speed with a booster installed. It is not recommended that the Huey is used beyond episode one, due to its low health, sluggish dodging ability, and lack of armament.

Second War Edit

Because of upgrade rankings, the Huey can be transformed from just a basic helicopter for rookies, to an all out war machine. It still is not recommended to use on higher difficulty missions, due to basic armaments and low health. It still is however much tougher than it used to be, and it has a much more intimidating appearance.