The Little Bird is a helicopter in the original Gunship Battle. It is the helicopter the player will start with.

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

Like any other beginning helicopter in any other combat helicopter game, it is equipped with twin 7.62mm gatling guns, and hydra 70 rocket pods. However, the guns can be swapped for twin 12.7mm machine guns, and the unguided rockets can be swapped for AGM-114 "Hellfire" missiles.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Little bird can be equipped with a small radar, that will only slightly increase missile range, and detection range, it can also be equipped with a weapon reload timing increase, and a booster. The booster is extremely weak, and so is the weapon reload system timing increase.

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Little Bird is a slow little helicopter, with only 1,000 health. It has an average turn rate, and a low top speed. It is not recommended to use the Little Bird outside of episode one, due to its lack of armament, and having the least amount of health out of any gunship in the game. However, it is possible to increase the little bird's performance through a series of special missions called "Mission Impossible." The missions can be replayed many times, but as they are replayed, they increase in difficulty, and the weapons become more and more scarce and less damaging.